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is it hard to speak turkish?

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    Hi, I suggest that you find a Turkish/English speaking partner here for practice

    Yes exactly.Turkish is one of the difficult language in the World.

    Actually Turkish is so hard to learn. Since its one of the oldest language in the world it has a little rules of grammar . Also its so mathemathical that contains lots of suffixes which provides a wide range to form new words. I mean if you understand its logic you can easily learn it but it is the hard part. after learn it a little even you can produce new words......; )......

    hi modern turkish is not diffucult, infact since it is not member of sami language family ( english arabic etc. ) it seem people from these nation. its vocabulary structure is combinatio of english persian, arabic and france.
    the most important feature of is to read as written so you can make easily practice yourself.

    turkish not difficult.
    you must learn , first "sessiz yumuşaması" later "küçük ünlü uyumu"( turkish rules),




    ben= im my=benim
    sen=you your=senin
    o= he/she

    Benim kaşığım=my spoon
    senin kaşığın=your spoon

    Kaşı"k" > g

    küçük ünlü uyumu
    this very easy rule.

    1. you say "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
    2. close , slowly your moutht and hear

    "a" turn "ı"

    1. you say "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
    2. close , slowly your moutht and hear

    "e" turn "i"

    vs. vs.

    "o" turn "u"
    "ö" turn "ü"

    sen=you senin=your

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