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¿How do you write in korean aja aja fighting?

I guess fighting in english but aja aja?

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There are 2 answers 아자아자 파이팅! and 아자 아자 화이팅. What is the difference between 파이팅 and 화이팅?

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    화이팅 and 파이팅 both are correct.
    Since there's no F sound in the Korean language, we use ㅍ or ㅎ for F sound. For example, we write the english word 'file' as 화일 or 파일. There's no difference between them. =)

    아자아자 파이팅!

    아자 아자 화이팅.

    아자 아자 means Go it! Come on! Go to it!
    we a say and write "파이팅" & "화이팅".. is same mean..

    we writing "P" is "파이팅" and "F" is "화이팅" .. is Korean rules

    but.. no problem.. bcoz.. is same mean ..

    There's nothing wrong with either of them, it's just personal preference. You can pick what you're inclined to. =]

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