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I think Russian Musicians could help me learn the langauge, any good ones to listen to, any kind of music?

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    Here you can listen russian rock:
    There is a lot Russian music in internet but I don't like to listen to it. I like some old Russian songs, for example, Alla Pugacheva's songs - - this is famous Russian group "Chay vdvoem". - young singer "Maksim"

    Don't listen the pop music. In fact we have so much modern bands and singers with the stupid texts which comprise the mass of mistakes, not only grammar but also in the sentences.
    I think you should try listen a music in the cover versions when the singers use a slow rate, you will understand it better.


    I agree with Gurtang.

    Honestly I don’t listen to modern russian music because the most of songs have no sense. But some old songs are really good)

    In my opinion every song could help u to improve your language....It's even better, that some songs have mistakes as u could detect them which is also important for language learner/
    I agree with Gurtang and Aziza. Though I have just written about some modern singer's song I don't like to listen to them.

    Hi! try this one
    My American friend says that it is quite understandable for a foreigner.
    Besides it is a russian version of "O, Were You In The Cold Blast..." by Robert Burns.
    I can send you a lyrics in Russian if you need it
    Music was written by russian composer. The singer is Alexandr Gradsky.
    I hope you will like it:-)

    It depends how advanced your Russian is.I used to learn Russian at school many years ago and forgot a lot since then. Now, I decided to reactivate it and listening to Russian songs on my mp3 on the way to and from work is an excellent way-the language keeps coming back. Obviously it requires some effort, checking the lyrics and looking up some words in the dictionary,but the repetitive element works wonders.And it's so enjoyable! I listen to Vysocky(but his lyrics can be difficult) and a bit of Bichevska , Bielaya Gvardia(they are very clear and easy to understand) and I'm most grateful to Olga, who recommended BG (great!) and Zemfira.I also listen to Splin but as somebody said you can't expect their lyrics to make sense(I have no idea why?)-but the music is very good. I suppose it all depends on your taste for music-mine may seem old-fashioned to you!

    here is the text:


    You can find a couple of freebie pages with popular Russian songs + English translations + related youtube links at in the Store ( 'Electronic Items' section)

    This one with russian subtitles..
    Probably it will be usefull for you.

    Also you can find the lyrics of the song at the downside
    of the youtube page.

    Good luck!

    yep, it depends on what music U like!

    группа "Кино"-хочу перемен
    Keeno band (movie) - I wan't changes
    The video is taken from a movie "Dust"
    russian rock

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