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JAPANESE the differences between ha and ga and wo?

i don't know when to use ha and when to use ga and wo
is it suzuki wo suki or suzuki ga suki or others?

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    Suzuki ga suki is right. ^.^

    It is the "Topic marker".
    Sore ha ika desu. It is squid.
    Boku ha Tokyo kara desu. I am from Tokyo.


    It is a "subject marker".

    Jon ga Mari wo sasotte. Jon invited Mary.

    Hana ga kita. Hana came.

    Here's something to (hopefully) show the differences between "ga" and "ha".

    Kinou ha sensei ga Jon wo shikatta.
    As for yesterday, what happened is that the teacher scolded John.

    Sensei ha kinou Jon wo shikatta.
    As for the teacher, what he did yesterday was to scold John.

    Jon ha sensei ga kinou shikatta.
    As for John, what happened to him was that the teacher scolded him yesterday.

    It's pretty much a "direct object" marker.

    Ex. I invited Jon. Watashi wa Jon o sasotte. I invited Jon.
    En wo kaku. Draw a circle.
    Me wo tojite. Close (your) eyes.
    Mado wo shimeru. Close the window.

    Most of these examples are from "Japanese for Dummies", which is very helpful.
    This site is very helpful for pretty much everything to do with Japanese grammar!

    Hope I helped! ^-^

    すずきがすき 这里的主语是“我”之类的 省略了 全句 私はすずきがすき
    如果用ha 还有肯呢个就是表示强调すずきはすき
    を一半后面接他动词 也就是英语里的及物动词 就是可以带宾语 或者接是サ变动词加する形式
    映画を見る  会社を減員する

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