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"et toi" or"et vous"

When people enquire someone "how's everything going" in french ,and out of politeness ,the person be enquired always say"and you",i saw two version of "and you" in french.When i talk to some french they always say"et toi",but when i read the book,it show"et vous"to me?so what's different between "et toi"and"et vous"?

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    When we talk with a group of people(plural),we say:"Et vous?"
    But when we talk with one person it depends of the relationship between the speakers.
    If you consider you partner as a friend or a member of you family,you say:"Et toi?".It's the informal way.But when you speak with your boss for example or a person wich is older than you,you must keep an amount of respect.You must say:"Et vous?".It's the same thing with strangers:people that you don't know.

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    the diference is the degree of politeness. "et tu??" is the informal way used to talk friends, and family for example, "et vous??" is more formal form, it's more polite.
    But there is not diference in the meaning in that case.
    "Et vous?" also is used to a group of people as you(plural), here the meaning changes.



    "Et toi ?" It is used when you know well the people you are talking to ... It is informal way
    "Et vous ?" is used when you don't know the people you are talking to... It is the formal way or polite way and could be also the plurial.

    et toi? is used for informal speaking like speking with friends and so on.
    et vous? is used for formal speaking like speaking with people who older than you.
    when you speak with your friend and you are saying iam fine and you?. you say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,je vais bien et toi?
    when you say to your teacher iam fine and you?. you say ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,je vais bien et vous?.

    formel - informel

    It depends who you are speaking to.

    EDIT: somebody gave me a negative despite the fact that my comment is 100% correct.

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