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What's difference between "always" and "often"?

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    ALWAYS=1. at all times: used to indicate that something happens or is done continuously, repetitively, or on every occasion
    She's always very polite.

    2. through all past or future time: throughout all past time or all future time, or for as long as anyone can remember and as long as anyone can foresee
    I will always love you.

    3. if necessary: if necessary, or if there is no other or no better option
    I could always stay an extra day if you need help.
    OFTEN=frequently: at short intervals or repeatedly

    I think OFTEN-it is frequently; many times.For example:

    I often see him in the garden.
    How often do you wash your hair?

    And always-every time, all the time or FOREVER.For example:
    It's always cold in this room.
    I've always liked him.
    I'll always remember you.

    There's a big difference.
    Use "always" if you want to tell about something that happens every time with no exception.
    "The Sun always shines".

    "Often" describes something happens many times for short period of time.
    "I eat at McDonalds often. I get there every day!"

    often = frequently = many times = a lot
    'They often go fishing.'
    'She often has visitors.'

    always = at all times; regularly
    'They always go fishing (= it's a habit).'
    I'll always remember that day.'

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