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Why Japanese are so critical of their own language ?

Language and culture are related, this is a question in conerning about the culture.

I intentionally answer the English qestions with grammatical mistakes, the readers seem understand without criticize. In the Japanese questions, I answer the questions with three to four native Japanese speakers reviewed my answers before it is posted. But, it has been always being critized wrong. Such as おはようございます does not means good morning in English. Is there anyone who know the Japanese culture?

Additional Details:

@ Jura, my points is: the English speaking people including Americans, British, Australians, and Canadians they don't criticize when they saw the mistakes, where as the Japanese always like to pick on others even it is absolutely no mistake. My question is asking the culture. Mr. Aàdèlio Astèllà's answer is the Asian culture. Do you get the point ?

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    because they are Asian
    Sir,continue being yourself,nothing beats standing out.

    So what's your point here?

    Mr wozi.

    as you see i try to translate this words of yours おはようございます using word translator it appears like this "Good morning it is" but i am not sure if this is correct or not.because it's just a system generated source but sounds same to me. i think it's not the culture who has the problem here it's the invidual one.

    @Aàdèlio Astèllà
    i think it's not good to say "because they are asian" dont forget that your an asiatic too. the bad reputation can reflect to all of us.


    I think that whether you are strict to the accuracy of using Japanese language depends on the situation and people in Japan. FYI , I am not strict to the people who doesn't have strong goal of using Japanese but I have to be strict to the people willing to earn money with Japanese language.

    and Generally , as you said , it seems strict and complicated in my negative opinion , on the other hand , it seems to make an effect to imply some situations .
    for indirect communication and consideration to the audiences

    Alucky my boy where have you been?


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