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    you meet a best friend of the opposite sex who has been not see long time, and if you are care her so much, so you can say "你好吗?" 或 “你还好吗?”, it means "你过得好吗?"

    usually, the guy who says this may want to close the relationship for each other. and the love relation can use this, too.

    the normal friends also can be say like that, but usually use "好久不见" or "(最近)你怎么样?" or "你过得怎么样?" because the normal friend, especially the friend of the opposite sex who says "你好吗?", it's gossip.

    if you meet a new one to know, or to make a new friend, you can say "你好", but not "你好吗?" there 's a little bit of tiny feeling in this word.


    "你好吗" used
    1、when you and your friends/relatives are far away from each other(on the
    phone or internet)
    2、you and your friends/relatives meet each other after a long time

    you should use it when you should use " how are you?" .


    a good question , i have never ever used this sentence to a greeting talk..athough is correct in grammar.

    意识是“你过怎么样?” 但是不能和刚认识关系不熟的人用这个词。

    有时第一次跟别人打招呼,对方年纪不大,可以这么说。 也可以直接说你好


    haha,当你想念一个人,又想去关心她/他的时候,可以问ta,“你好吗?” 有引申含义~

    I agree Aloysius Luo . "你好吗?"is a vaguely word. especially when a man say it to a woman.hehe,it is different from "你好!"、"你还好吧?"、"你最近怎么样?"

    NEVER if you want your words sound more native.



    It depends.用到的场合其实还蛮复杂的,如果有机会可以在skype上语音解释给你就方便多了,欢迎加我,我的skypeID是woaidandan55555.


    Hey, Luke, I give out another situation to use “你好吗?” The couple they are previous lovers,many years later they meet again,and don't know how to say,so maybe the first words is “um, 你好吗?”


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