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Is there more than one was to say "Hello" in Thai?

I say "Sawaddee(kha)" when saying "Hello" in Thai,
but I also heard a friend of mine say "Sawasdee" and "Sawadeejaa"
Also I heard if can be "Sawat-dee"..
Is there more than one way to say hello?

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    Sawasdee (kha or Krub )when they say It polite sentence
    Sawaddee, Sawaddeejaa ,Waddee ,for close friend or close person to speak.


    Your own way sounds correct and polite. I think stick with that! :)

    I greet one friend with "wad dee", but this is only because we are VERY close friends. It'd be too impolite to other people... like saying "Eyyy wassup bro?" to people I don't know well.

    If any of the "s" characters come at the end of a word, they're pronounced as a "t".

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