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Should I use "você" with young people or "o senhor" "a senhora"?

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Thanks everyone. That clears it up. Since I'm nearly 50, I guess I'll be using você more often =)
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    "Você" is much better.
    Even some older people don't like to be called "senhor" or "senhora". But it's a sign of respect, no problem.
    Anyway, for young people "você" is definately better.

    Hmm... For younger people? "Você" for sure.

    As said before here, it's a sign of respect. So, "O Senhor" "A Senhora" should be used for older people who you are not that "friend". "Você" for informal, same age or younger people. =D

    Good luck.... :)))
    "Você" always!!!
    a little rule to use "Senhor (a)" can be, when you talk with people much older than you, or your boss, or in a ceremony with autoritys.

    “Você” and sometimes “Tu” are more common than “Senhor(a)”.
    You should start with “Senhor(a)” when:
    • People seem to be formal.
    • Talking to some authority, it sounds more polite.
    • When you are not sure about all people, like in a group.

    But if you are not sure, just ask them, it is ok.

    You should respect and use Senhor/a.
    If the person agrees, you can use Você.
    Some elder people don't like to be called Senhor...
    O senhor / A senhora is a formal way of address people. You use it when speaking to people you don't know or in formal situations (business, purchasing, dealing with authorities, etc...)

    you should use 'você' ,is more informal and better

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