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how can i say hello in your native language ???!!!

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in arabic we say " مرحبا " marhaba..........what about you ???

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sorry it is " marhaban "...........

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    Australia: G'day! :D
    Czech/Slovakia: Ahoj (for Blitzy. ^^ Stress goes on the 'A'.)
    Ireland: Dia duit

    Trivia: "hello" comes from Old English "hal beo thu" (whole be you). I suppose we made it easier to way by dropping the "b". Not definite about the "th" - it's a "h" sound in Celtic languages.

    Hey (more informal), hi, hello, good morning, good evening (more formal)

    There are others, but they would be informal or belong in the slang category. For example, "yo, what's up!", etc. : )

    in arebic اهلا وسهلا او مرحبا
    in english ,hello or hi
    in french salut
    in spenish hola .

    tu puedes decir: hola cómo estas? hola que tal?, buenos días, buenas tardes, buenas noches, hola cómo te va?

    in Arabic we say "مرحبا" its pronouced "marhaban"

    In portuguese

    Oi (less formal)

    in chinese 你好 nihao

    i think in france bongore

    Hoi, Sali, Grüazi (formal)

    in Turkish

    merhaba (:


    Hola /Holis (the last one used for kids mostly).

    In my native linguage you can say "Oi ( more used) ,or Ola.
    In portuguese "Oi, tudo bem? is How are you?

    Salve is formal in Italian, and Ciao is casual.

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