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What made you interested in learning a foreign language?

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    Because I had to pass the English exam in the past, but now, I learn it for conversating with my friends from all over the

    so i can communicated with other people not only local but foreign to.


    Every languages are very beautiful and important for communication or conversation.That's the main reason why I'm studying foreign languages and made myself to learn them.

    At uni I studied French and German, so now I want to improve so I can converse with people on my travels. I am also teaching myself Italian.
    I don't want to speak just English for the rest of my life. I wish somehow I could speak the language fluently, that I was suppose to learn a long time ago....

    For example:

    it's almost like an American born Chinese who only knows to speak English instead of his/her parents native tongue. That no good....

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