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how can i say ,,,i miss you ,,,in different languages?

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    tu me manque
    ( french )
    я скучаю по тебе/мне тебя не хватает. (Russian)

    i miss you= Ich vermisse Dich in german language

    i miss u = wahshtini وحشتنى (arabic)

    I miss you= Saudade/ Portuguese

    I miss you --- Kinasasabikan kita in Filipino.

    I miss you --- Aku rindu kepadamu in Indonesian.

    In Belarusian:
    Я сумую па табе. (Ja sumuju pa tabie.)
    Мне не хапае цябе. (Mnie nie chapaje ciabie.)

    I mis you = faltan botazen zaitut (in basque)

    you know!!!............


    اشتقت اليك او اقتقدك

    Czech: ”stýská se mi po tobě”

    Swedish: “jag längtar efter dig”

    Polish: Tęsknię za tobą

    Turkish - seni özledim

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