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Why chinese girls are so boring

Bore with

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    Hahaha... take it back , take it back >:( (Go, girls !!!!! ^^ )
    Have you tried being KIND?

    excuse me ?
    what do u mean v r so boring exactly?

    You are just a perv looking for girls on cam, go to another site.

    excuse me ?! what 's your exactly mean?

    show your respect first and you will find it's different
    you should‘t tell a chinese girl that you don't like china and chinese girls when chating with them
    it makes them uncomfortable

    Lucky - I'm not a mathematician, but I do remember that you must sample over 1,000 people to have a 95% probability of being right (+or- a couple of percentage points).
    In other words, you should not arrive at a conclusion unless you can be sure that your conclusion is accurate (and truthful).
    I'm not an expert on anything Chinese, but I have had the pleasure of meeting some very hard working, extremely intelligent and respectful Chinese women, both here in Canada as well as in China.
    Perhaps the women you met were boring to you because they found you boring.
    Has that thought ocurred to you.
    Please re-consider your question. It could easily be viewed as a slight against Chinese women and it is not a fair statement to make. I would even go so far as to suggest that an apology is in order.

    .........................................................╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭

    i m a native Chinese Boy,and i am confused why you would say like that,you should show your respect,chinese girl are so kind,and all the chinese people are kind to everyone that are kind.So i think you should think about yourself.

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