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I am going to learn French by myself. Where shall I start?

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i started with numbers. i m ok with un deux trois. but when it comes to 40, 80 and 90, it drives my crazy...why are numbers so complicated in french?

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    Hello Lesley,

    You better initiate by taking some lessons to introduce yourself to how to pronounce French (which is a bit difficult) and to learn the basics of vocabulary and grammar.
    At the same time use websites, listen to music, watch French movies and eat French fries, oh no that one ain't that effective ;)

    As for the French numbers,they are truly a little complicated, because they don't follow the same logic when it comes to the number from 70 - 99.
    However once you have grasped the different aspects to form them, you will just have to learn them and repeat again and again until memorized.

    The numbers:
    * (20 vingt) doesn't follow any logic then
    * (30 trente 40 quarante 50 cinquante 60 soixante) look like modifications of the one digit numbers ( 3 - 6) followed by 'ente' or 'ante' .
    * As for 70 ( soixante- dix) suddenly the rule changes.
    You can memorize by remembering that adding 60 to 10 equals 70
    soixante (60) + dix (10) = 70 (soixante-dix)
    Unitl 79 the same rule applies:
    soixante et onze ( 60 + 11) = 71
    soixante- douze ( 60 +12) = 72

    * The number 80 ( quatre-vingts) which refers to 4 twenties ( 4 x 20 =80).
    Another logic!
    Until the number 89 you add the digits 1 to 9 to quatre- vingts.
    quatre-vingts-un = 81
    quatre- vingts- deux = 82

    * The number 90 becomes (quatre-vingts -dix),which once again resembles the logic of the number 70.
    quatre- vingts (80) + dix (10) = 90
    quatre- vingts-onze (80) + 11) = 91
    quatre- vingts-dix-neuf (80) + (19) = 99

    Now you figure out yourself why it is a bit complicated, but it is only about few rules, that once understood,repeated and thus memorized, they become easier to grasp.

    hi...maybe this site can help you to learn french...


    start to know first the history of the country first then this website will help you
    good luck.

    Get used to the sound of French first. It's the fastest way to start understanding "real" french (outside of the classroom) and to get close to a native accent. Even if you don't understand anything, watch the news, a TV series you like, etc. You can find them on the internet.

    The numbers are complicated in France, in Switzerland and Belgium they say them differently. It has something to do with the way people counted before french language was introduced. Anyone here to help me on this one?

    im doing the same thing this summer, its not easy there are a lot of websites that give lessons for free.
    keep a journal and write down everything you have learned, and listen as much as you can even if you dont understand.
    good luck.

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