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Cual es la diferencia entre "frase" y "oracion"?

Mi diccionario ingles-espanol tiene ambos para "sentence".

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    In colloquial Spanish the most commonly used (the only one used) is "frase". To be honest, the only place where I heard "oración" was in Spanish class, back in elementary school.

    They are both a group of words with a meaning, the difference is that the "oración" has a verb and the "frase" doesn't. But again, this is a difference perceived mostly by language experts.

    well, "frase" is the most used, thats true. No need to be an expert. "Frase" can be considered as a statement grammatically well constructed. ex: "El come patatas". "Oracion" conveys a complete meaning. "el come patatas porque le gustan mucho". I am not using "scientific" language to answer you, just intuitive language. True, the usual term to be heard is "frase", but if you go up a level, this is the explanation. So, i could say: frase: S + V +C; oracion: S+V+C (+ complete meaning).
    Most probably a language teacher, at secondary school, wont explain that way, but the main idea is this.

    Also, note that another (and more common) meaning for "oración" is "prayer".

    mira, frase y oración tienen un mismo significado, es decir que son sinónimos,pero oración tiene también el significado de rogar, rezar u orar en el sentido religioso

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