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What does " Don't give yourself away" mean?

I know every word's meaning in this sentence, but put them together I have no idea, maybe it means " don't give up" or something like this?This sentence is from an English song!
Thanks a lot!

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    Hey Anna). Over here in England it would most likely mean ;

    Imagine you have a secret. And you wanted to keep it a secret, because if don't you would be in trouble. Then, one day, by chance or by mistake you are about to reveal the secret. Someone who also knew the secret wants to warn you that you were about to do so would say : " Don't give yourself away "

    or ( it's not likely at your age but...))

    You are hiding in a cupboard with someone)). Playing hide and seek. Hide and seek is where one person from a group closes their eyes and counts to one hundred. While he or she is counting everyone else runs away and hides and the person counting has to try and find them when they have finished counting.
    So... ) you're in a cupboard with someone and you are getting bored waiting to be found by the person who was counting and decide to peep out of the door to see if the 'seeker' is nearby. The other person in the cupboard would whisper..." No, no don't give yourself away " ie ...they will see you when you are peeping)

    I hope that makes sense mate)) I'm sure there must a lot about England and the English language that doesn't make sense to someone from China)). It's a funny old world eh?))
    Good luck with your studies)

    give away means admit defeat.
    and give up means stop trying.

    Don't give yourself away=dont give up yourself 你不要放弃自己

    It depends on the context; it could be give yourself away as in "revealing something about you" , as in " give up the fight" or as if you are a really selfless person and you give yourself away to help other people.
    So , if you tell us the sentence we could tell you what exactly means on that particular context.


    Ways to use "don't give yourself away" (and variations of the phrase):

    1. Your friend has a secret from her husband, and you fear her recent behavior might reveal the secret. You might say, "Be careful or you will give yourself away."

    2. You and a friend are hiding from someone/something. Your friend starts to laugh or make a sound. You might say, "Shh! You are going to give us away!"

    3. In poetry, musical lyrics, or other writing, the phrase could be used to express giving your affection/attention to a romantic partner.

    Hope this helps!

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