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How to answer the question 'How do you do?' correctly?

Is it true that I also should ask this question in an answer?

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    This is not a question ..British use this expression to greet people so when someone says:How do you do ? you just reply :How do you do?
    it is a formal expression
    It is the same as asking "How are you?"
    So you can answer with "Fine, thanks." or something similar

    I'm doing good / fine :]
    i agreed to Steve's answer


    Nadouche gave the best and the only correct answer except for the question mark; "How do you do." is not a question. As an American I never use it among friends or people I know unless I haven't seen the person for a very long time and he was not a close friend. I do say it when meeting a sir or ma'am for the first time. Good Q!

    Fine, and you?
    It's quite often use in informal writing. People wait your answer and it doesn't realy matter what you say.)))

    It's a greeting , you could say "how do you do " too and no one is taking you to jail if you decide to say "fine" !
    -How do you do фрай ?
    -How do you do Jennifer?
    ... It's how it goes, I've heard this commonly when you introduce two people.


    I go along with Ms. Jennifer. It is a greeting, there is no specific answer to it.

    Both question and answer is the same " how do you do"

    How do you do?
    = For formal situations when you meet someone for the first time. The reply can be the same (How do you do?) or 'Pleased / Nice to meet you'.

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