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Who is your role model ???????

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    The Prophet Muhammed "peace be upon Him"

    prophet mohammed ,,,,صلى الله عليه وسلم,,,,,,.

    everyone who had offered something good for human kind , but first of all it must be prophet Mohammed .

    Paramahansa Yogananda; but that's huge , spiritualy talking, so for now my role model is a better version of me. I'm not really sure about what that is, I'm trying to figure it out everyday.

    prophet Muhammed

    I admire many people whom can affect my behavior, thoughts and attitudes. For example in term of justice and strong management I follow Omer bin Al- khatab, psychologically I convinced on Sigmund Freud theories and idea, I like Waeel Jassr as a good singer, King Abdullah ( King of KSA )is a very wise and politics man, Bill Gates in serving his society, Nicolas Cage as an actor , Steven Covey as a personal development trainer and others in different aspects of life.

    The great chairman Mao.

    prophet Muhammed 1
    my aunt who works as a dentist and a pastor's wife. She's pretty in and out. She always invites me to sleepover in her place and when I wake up there's always something nice on the table for me, such as chicken a la king and a hot chocolate drink specialy prepared by her. She lifts me up emotionally, spiritually and morally whenever i'm in big trouble. She corrects my mistakes with gentleness so she doesn't crush my sipirit and make my feelings worse.

    my parents

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