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what kinds of problems have you had with the internet?

computers have changed peoples's lives ,and in most cases for the better.
however,you have to balance the benefits
with the problems-for every benefit there's also a bad side.on the good side,
information is avaible to everyone quicly and easily throught the internet,on the bad side,not oll informationyou find on the internet is true.
you have to check carefully before you can believe oll that you read.

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    Only the internet speed. It`s inglorious, but here is 49.2 Kbps!!

    Hi Milton
    Hackers .....everywhere ...
    I can't agree more with you ....the internet is a source of informations but you can't be so sure of any before checking's a world full of we don't bother our selves to consult a book or ask a teacher we simply google's google era...scared world....isn't it?

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