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how to say ( I LOVE YOU ) in your language ?

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    Seni Turkish
    sa rang hae Korean
    wo ai Chinese
    Ai shi Japanese
    Obicham Bulgarian

    Я тебя люблю - Russian
    Men seni sevaman - Uzbek

    Kocham Cię (Polish)

    I love you ---- Iniibig kita in Filipino(Tagalog)

    I love you ---- Aku cinta kepadamu in Indonesian

    احبك ,, :)

    Ich liebe dich!

    ok, Sonia already answered the spanish version... now, I could give you the "lobo" (wolf) version : ai LOBO you !!!!!! (this is how wolfs say it to each other ^^... lobo is the word in spanish) =D

    Spanish: T E ♥ A M O

    Sounds really nice. *(n_n)*

    Practice the phrase listening to Rihanna:

    wo3 ai4 ni3

    Minä rakastan sinua

    in Finnish.
    Я тебе кохаю - Ukrainian

    seni seviyorum (in Turkish) and " ez te hez dikem" ( in kurdish)

    "Je t'aime."

    In French. :)

    in frenech je t`aime.
    in arebic بحبك او احبك .
    in english ,,i love you,,.

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