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what is the most popular Turkish words? just a few please

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    Gorusuruz...!!! =p okok, maybe not the most popular, but the only one I know... =s

    the most popular word is ''yaaa'' :D

    ne haber - something like what's up, literally meaning "what is the news?" (informal)
    haydi or hadi - come on
    bilmiyorum - i don't know
    gidelim - let's go
    canım - my dear
    güle güle - bye (for the one staying)
    allahaısmarladık (we read it as alasmarladık) - bye (for the one in action/leaving)
    görüşürüz (as Jennifer said) - Literally meaning we will meet (sometime), better to translate as "see you"
    iyi akşamlar - good evening
    iyi geceler - good night
    günaydın - good morning
    hoşgeldin or hoşgeldiniz - welcome
    teşekkürler - thanks
    teşekkür ederim - thank you
    rica ederim - you're welcome (in return to thanks)
    önemli değil - nothing important or not at all (in return to thanks)
    Doğum günün (or gününüz) kutlu olsun. - Happy birthday (to you)
    Nice yaşlar - Many happy returns
    Bayramınız kutlu olsun - Have a merry/happy bayram
    Yeni yılınız (or yılın) kutlu olsun or mutlu yıllar - Happy new year.
    Take care of yourself - Kendine iyi bak

    These are the ones i could think for now.

    Görüşürüz :))

    ps. kusura bakma(yın) - a kind of light apology asking not to see one's fault/culpa :)

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