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Can anyone tell me your favorite dish in your language ?

I want to know different food in different culture

and i love exotic food especially

I would like to know your thought ?

give me some ideas hhaah !!!

thank all of you :D

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    Tallarines con salsa xD


    so many choices:
    mexican : burritos, nachos, tacos
    italian : lasagne, garlic and chicken spaghetti cabanara.
    korean : spicy beef soup, bibimbap

    Desserts, mmm, desserts :
    Lemon meringue pie, tiramasu, black forest cake.

    well my favorite dishes are ceviche, pollo a la brasa, arroz con mariscos and about my desserts are Arroz con leche, Suspiro a la limeña or maybe 3 Leches.

    Oh, this foods are from Perú.

    okey my favourite egyptian dish is rice , salade , soup and chickens.


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