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could you tell me some movies about American school life or home life? please tell me their names.


thank you :)

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tons of thanks

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    Home alone....hehehe

    Two movies about American school life that I know about:

    "Freedom Writers" is about students at a tough inner-city school that has a lot of violence and problems between the different races. The students are mostly poor and many are from broken homes. A teacher tries to show the students how they can become something better even though they are surrounded by gangs, drugs, guns, bad home lives, etc.

    "The Breakfast Club" is an older film from the 1980s about a group of high school students who get punished and have to stay in the library on Saturdays. They are really different from each other, but as they hang out with each other they realize they have a lot in common. It was popular back then, but I think young people today might think it is corny (silly).

    I think it's hard to see "typical" Americans in American films because they films have un-ordinary characters and events. No one wants to pay good money to see a happy family in which the mother and father love each other and their children get good grades in school and don't use drugs or get pregnant. All of those things are much more interesting to people it seems.
    recently, "Superbad". It is hilarious

    I always thought "Little Miss Sunshine" was a really accurate portrayal of the average American home life. t's doesn't paint as pretty a picture of American life as most movies do. It only came out a few years ago, so it's still rather recent.

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