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Proverbs in Tagalog. Anyone want to share?

Just want to know any proverbs in Tagalog. Thanks.

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    hi Rose,

    "kung ano'ng itinanim, ay s'yang aanihin." (what you sow so shall you reap.)
    it tells something about what others will reflect unto you for the things you've done for them (i.e. if you sow 'anger', then 'anger' will be bounced back to you.)

    "huwag magbilang ng sisiw hangga't hindi pa napipisa ang itlog." (don't count the chicsk yet until the eggs are hatched.)
    -this means not to assume any good result for things not yet done (especially on things with less assurance or less likely to happen)

    "ang tao'ng nagigipit, sa patalim ay kumakapit." (A desperate person will hold on to a knife edge.)
    -it portrays that someone may do anything (even facing danger) just to win hardship in life (esp. 'poverty')

    "ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw." (a thief hates a fellow thief.)
    hehehe... like a playboy hates another playboy.

    "maingay ang latang walang laman." (noisy is a can when it contains nothing.)
    "malalaman mo na ang tubig ay mababaw kapag ito ay maingay (you will determine that the water is shallow when it's noisy.)
    -these two proverbs are similar in a way. it tells something about a stupid man who keeps on talking a non-sense topic. whereas, a "smart" person is always compared to a "deep water"

    "kapag may tiyaga may nilaga." (if you work hard, you'll likely succeed)
    (If=Kapag) (may=you have) (tiyaga=diligence) (may=you'll have) (nilaga=literally, this is a Filipino dish=in this proverb, it means success)

    "Aanhin mo ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo." What is the grass for if the horse is already dead.. (grass=damo, ) kabayo=horse

    "Madali magaing tao, mahirap magpakatao." it's easy to be a human, but hard to be humane. human=tao, magpakatao=humane i hope this helps^^

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