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What is.... in tagalog?

1. Dog
2. Cat
3. Lizard
4. Bird
5. Spider

That's all for today.. thank you for your willingness to teach me your beautiful language.

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Thank u

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    yeah all the answers above are correct. I just want to add sample sentences as your guide.
    1. Dog (Aso): Ang pangalan ng aso ko ay Batik. (My dog's name is Spot).
    2. Cat (Pusa): Malambot ang balahibo ng pusa. (The cat's fur is soft).
    3. Lizard (Butiki): Takot ako sa butiki. (I am afraid of lizard).
    4. Bird (Ibon): Ang pambansang ibon ng Pilipinas ay agila. (The national bird of the Philippines is eagle)***(As far as I know, Philippine Eagle has been recently dubbed as the new national bird, replacing "maya").
    5. Spider (Gagamba): Maraming klase ng gagamba ang matatagpuan sa Pilipinas (There are many types(species) of spiders found in the Philippines).

    We really appreciate your interest in learning our language.

    hi Dang talin,

    1. Dog - "aso"
    2. Cat - "pusa"
    3. Lizard - "butiki"
    4. Bird - "ibon"
    5. Spider - "gagamba"

    we're just here to help you...


    dog: aso
    lizard: butiki
    bird: ibon
    spider: gagamba/pitik..

    yea!!! thats my man romulus

    here "yagiban atik saing ostnup"


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