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what do you think about me?? write an answer... :p

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that is me!!! i belive that is not your profile pic either!!

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    Well, I dont know you,, hehe
    But you seems to be nice! : )

    I think, you are a girl much younger than me.

    I think you are kind to other people and friendly. But you have a sensitve manner.

    You like icecream

    What do I think about you? Hmm...

    I think you made an account on italki to learn Chinese, didn't you?

    i think what i think about lol but i tell you it is good just like you caring and funny oh and we both know you a stupid clown like me hahahaha speek to you soon Xx

    Thats not yourself.

    come as you are.i cant say anything i dont know you i dont judge you.

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