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how do you say because in french?

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    parce que


    "Parce que".

    Pourquoi? Parce que! :)


    parce que
    a cause

    It depends on the context, but usually "parce que" or "car", and in some situations "à cause de".

    I'm not sure, but according to what I know:
    Parce que introduces a cause, explanation, or motive - it explains why something is done.
    Je ne suis pas venue parce que je suis malade
    Comme highlights the link between a consequence and its result. It usually begins a sentence
    Comme je suis malade, je ne suis pas venue
    Puisque gives an obvious explanation or justification, rather than a cause.
    Tu peux partir puisque tu es malade
    should not begin a sentence, and is mainly used in formal and written French.
    Car supports a judgment or indicates a reason
    La reunion fut annulée car le président est malade


    Yes apparently the above mentioned.
    Yet in some contexts the 'because' used in English language will be expressed in the sentence implicitly without using words like 'parce que' as in the following sentences:

    If he won it was because he deserved to
    " Si il a gagné, c'est qu'il le méritait. "

    It was all the more difficult because he was sick
    " C'était d'autant plus difficile qu'il était malade."

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