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About Thai idioms


I remembered some Thai idioms a friend once told me, but I only remember the English translation.

If you recognise these, could you give me the original Thai idiom, and maybe a short explanation of the meaning?

They are:

Big face ("naa dan"?)
Snake in the hair
No Way Station (haha! My favourite!)

Any others would be welcome. ขอบคุณครับ! ^^

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    1. "No way station" means "No way or Impossible", station just added in the end with no meaning.

    2. "Snake in the hair"
    I think you would like to wrote "Snake head" it's mean flerting but use for only man.

    3. "Naa Dan"
    It's mean you do something in unproperly situation.... like that.. But I am not sure the same meaning in Eng is Big Face.


    หน้าด้าน naa-daan But I am not sure 'naa-daan' is 'big face' in English?
    หน้าหม้อ naa-mor = หัวงู hwa(hua)-ngoo or 'Tao hwa ngoo' for elder(male)
    No way station --> I have not heard it for a long time. :)

    I think u may use thick-skinned in the meaning of หน้าด้าน ... The meaning of its Janee explained above.

    In addition, big-faced also has the meaning in Thai. big-faced = หน้าใหญ่ (Naa yai) is a behavior of someone who always give money, kindness, etc., more than usual or expected. Seem likes Generous i guess.

    For Snake in the head, i think one nice description is, elder playboy.

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