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what's your favorite city ?

could you say why ?

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    My favorite city is : Mecca

    Portsaid , becaues it's my city i have lots of memories there
    moreover, it 's overlook to the sea and suez canal also , i can see dolphin, seagull,...... etc.
    on the other hand ,the buildings, the museums, statues ,corniche, gardens ,..etc......
    and the most important , the people there and portsaid's history. etc.....

    My favorite city is London

    Los Angeles

    my favourite city is mansora as it`s my city and watched my childhood , i was born there and played on its land and enjoyed its sky and so on.

    i think all city i visit i like it . some times i think lebanon its my fovaret city but i like qatar too oh and i like when i went to dubai . anyway i cant deside what my foveret city .

    Vancouver, BC Canada
    So clean and friendly people.

    Istanbul - the capital of three empires (roman, byzantine and ottoman) , where the million stone stands (historically the center of the world) - at every step there is something of history


    Tokyo - friendly people, amazing food, exceptionally safe & convenient. London is the opposite, but I love it too :)
    My favourite city is Volgograd...... Russia. I love this town!!!!!

    Mecca and Medina
    I visited many cities before - but my favorite are Cairo ( Many places ) and Dubai - so charming cities and people there are really cool !

    Istanbul will never fade away in my heart

    Of COURSE SANT-PETERSBURG.I was born here.سان بطريبرغ بالطبع فأنا من مواليد هذه المدينة

    My favorite city is " Al - Medina Al - Munawwara " ( the Lighted City ). Because Medina is the city of the Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H).
    ( p.s: Alhamdullilah, I'm a muslim.)

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