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Could you explain this sentence "i officially crossed into uncharted cuisine waters" for me ?

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And please show me some example of phrases uncharted cuisine waters.....

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Thank you very much all of you!

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    It's a sailing analogy.

    "To cross into uncharted waters" means you've sailed your boat off the map. It's new territory, and the first time you explore this part of the seas. If you want a map, you have to draw it yourself.

    "Officially" in this sentence means definitely. It's so definite you could certify it.

    The "cuisine" part describes what kind of "uncharted waters" you are "sailing" into. Food and cookery!

    So the phrase means, this is the first time you've tried this style of cooking. And you feel a bit lost and scared. Exciting times. :)

    I think it just means that the person 'crossing into uncharted cuisine waters' was just trying some new style of food that was so completely different from what they'd experienced before that they had no idea what to expect.

    'Uncharted waters' means 'doing something new'. Literally, it means being a sailor and taking your ship to a new place which is not there on the map.

    'Uncharted cuisine waters' means the person has cooked or eaten something very new to that person.

    The word 'officially' is just used here for adding more emotion to the sentence. The word 'officially' can be used when something is confirmed by an authority and cannot be denied. For e.g. 'It is official now that Google has purchased the website'. Here it means that nobody can deny it that belongs to google as it has been confirmed by them.

    Examples of the whole phrase:
    1) When I visited a restaurant in Beijing for the first time, I knew I was officially crossing into uncharted cuisine waters.
    2) My wife asked me to make some Lasagna for dinner. She must be nuts, because she knows I can only boil eggs. Cooking Lasagna would mean officially crossing into uncharted cuisine waters.


    The others have explained it well, however I would like to add that the use of the word "cuisine" here sounds very strange because it's a noun rather than an adjective. I think the adjective "culinary" would be more appropriate here, i.e. "uncharted culinary waters".

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