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Is Hong Lou Meng still being read in China today? Why or why not?

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    Yes, of course. Every best adjective is weak in the presence of the novel.

    In China there's a academic subject named 红学. Many scholars are still doing research on 红楼梦.

    Hi, Eric! Long time no see. Hong Lou Meng is still very famous in China today 'coz it stand for China's ancient cultural soul. So it's worth being read carefully for both in the past time and now. I think you can try to read it if you have time and you are interested in it. Even though it's difficult to understand sometimes.


    yeah, it's still popular in China, because it's the essence of chinese claassic culture.

    yes it's classic ,and we can learn the style of the life in that danasty.
    yes, but it is read mostly by professor or students who are studying Chinese. More people are tend to read something easy to understand or just like watching TV.

    Yes,i read it. it's really a nice story.
    right,i think this novel is the most classic one of China's Four Great Novels. In my point of view, this novel is too much complicatied that even a lot of scholars keep analysing it nowadays.

    yes.Hong Lou Meng stands for the best achievement of Chinese classic novels.It contains a lot.As a student of Chinese major,Hong must be read.And I think it's interesting worth reading.


    The book is still readed by most people in China~~
    like the "xi you ji" "shui hu zhuan"and "san guo yan yi"
    the four books are famous in our country. there are two group people to read the book.
    one is the proffersors and the other is the people who like the book,i read the the book for three times but i still can not understand all the meaning of the book
    in our history,it is a very important part .we will not forget it~~~~

    YES. It is worth reading again and again.
    Yes,but I don't think it is popular now.Like us students tlak about other things ,such as movie,game and so on.
    actually,as a chinese,I haven't read it even once! :(

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