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How to say hello in Greek?


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    Hello = Γεια (yá) - or Χαίρετε (khérete)
    Good morning = Καλημέρα (kaliméra)
    Good night = Καληνύχτα (kaliníkhta)
    (The greek "Χ" is pronounced like spanish "J". I have put "kh". It 's a lot heavier than english "H".)
    If you want more, just ask!

    Hello orange,

    " Hello' is " Yahsu " in Greek.


    A friendly hello is "yassou!" (Γειά σου)! The "σου" is the friendly "you".

    "Ya sas" (Γειά σας) is the polite form.

    Use Lobo's suggestions of "Καλημέρα / Καληνύχτα" to be a little more formal.

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