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Can someone help me translate some blog posts?


I'm working on a project, and we have a blog ( I'd like to have the blog in both Farsi and English, but my Farsi isn't good enough to do that. Can someone who is good in both English and Farsi help me translate?
Thanks to anyone who replies.

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    i will be happy to help u if i can .

    for sure :)

    Don't worry.

    My dear friend, Amy
    You know I am Persian. I am at your service. Just tell, I obey.


    دوست آن باشد كه گيرد دست دوست / در پريشان حالي و افسردگي

    literary translation:

    A friend is whom takes your hand/ In bothering and oppression moods

    Hello Amy;
    Maybr I will be able to help you sometime but you know I am not very good in English.
    However, I will be happy help to you.
    Your friend;

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