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这个是什么意思啊?‘Can i pet with your cat?’

someone leaved me this message. whats that mean?

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    Originally, I thought that it would be simply an ordinary question. However, after viewing the concerns raised by a respondent and comments given by another respondent, as well as the situation mentioned by the question poser (someone left me this message), I would say that the question poser was either taken verbal advantage or verbally harassed.

    Though we are now living in a modern world, demanding an equality between males and females, there still exist individuals who treat a woman, or a young lady, as a "sex symbol". To say it as an implied way, her genital can be referred as a "pussy" or even as a "cat", as seen in,

    Now, if we also check out the definition on "pet" in terms of usage as a verb (i.e., B1),
    one may imagine how vulgar it could be, should a man leave such a message to a typical lady.

    I also noticed that the question poser has put up a discussion of,

    I urge that, if the question poser did have a very bad experience (through a possible sexual assault, etc.), she would have to speak up by reporting to the local authorities to seek for necessary assistance. Being silence is absolutely not an ideal solution, because it would offer another golden opportunity to the offenders to further assault other possible victims in the community.

    Take good care, and good weekend. / 請多珍重,並祝週末愉快。

    是不是 我能不能摸摸你的猫?

    The verb is simply "pet", not "pet with".

    e.g. "Can I pet your cat?"

    It means: "can I stroke it (run my hand and fingers through your cat's hair)?".


    Concern: do you actually own a cat?

    Peachey, I was thinking exactly the same.

    皮奇: 你真的养了一只猫吗?

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