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Any recommended Hotel in Manila ?

I'm going to travel to the philippines, I'll stay in Manila for some days depending how exciting it is .
I want to stay in a Hotel which close to the int'l airport & Casino, of course the fashion street of Manila,

Trying to get some information on the internet, found that Makati is the area,

Hyatt Hotel has its casino inside, but wondering how far it is from the downtown of Makati,
It says the hotel is located in another district,

Any recommendation ?

P.S. i want to go to some clubs incl. live clubs where i can see some bands playing music & some kind of night clubs as well

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Oh, I haven't got there yet, I would have to pay for anything though =)

So, What is your recommendation ?

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Thank you for the answer, Heritage Hotel has almost every options that i need,

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    Hyatt hotel was located in CBD's in makati it's pure commercialize but down its kind of far from that.

    if your here already you send us mail we will give you free tour live bands,places,and the life here.

    see you


    hi if you want a near hotel the airport check out marriott hotel its near NAIA airport im not sure but its has i think also casino..and heritage hotel is has casino too..i know some place you want to hang out like bands, bars clubs..i just wish i can show you..but if you want clubs just get a taxi cab and go to this places: TIMOG, THE FORT, EASTWOOD there so many bar around that area..and if you want live band and simple place to chill go to along side of MALL OF ASIA..

    and if u want you can contact me if your hir in the philippines..^^

    My favorite hotel is the Sofitel Phil. Plaza, there is a bar inside, the siete pecados. But if you want to party in Makati, might as well stay at Makati Shangrila Hotel or The Peninsula Hotel. Go to greenbelt or the Fort for great bars.:)

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