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What's meaning of Arabic "Wana Wana"?

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    I think it would be " and me, and me "

    mean ad me and me and if you pronounce it wana wana (it`s in the local dialects then) but if it`s wa`ana wa`ana (it`s standard then) :) good luck

    i agree with hardy.

    Mohammed is right

    mee too, mee too

    me and me

    me too,me too

    In reality, it means (And me, and me) You can listen to the song of the Algerian singer "Mhammed Lamine" the title is > Wana wana

    and me <<
    و انا <<

    Angels and Mohammed are right , because generally wa ana is pronounced wana for speed in the local dialects.
    And this is found in other languages ; for example in Frensh the sentence "tu n'as pas" is pronounced "ta pas". And in English "I want to" is pronounced "i wana" . But this is only in the local dialects for commucation.

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