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What is the difference of "mera" and "mere" in hindi?

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    mera ghar- my house

    mere ghar- my houses

    mera naam- my name

    mere naam- my names

    Mere paas- near me/ i have

    mere liye- for me

    But as i said it depends on sentence
    mere ghar mein- in my house

    mere ghar ko- to my house

    mere ghar se- from my house

    I hope i hvnt made things more complicated :-)

    "mera" in hindi means mine and mere is nothing but femanine of mine or "mera".

    Mera n mere both r used to indicate anything related to 'me'

    mera- strictly used for singular + masculine thing n never for plural.

    Mere is used in both singular n plural(always) things but it depends on sentence

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