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What are the ways to build up the active vocabulary?

except for speaking... Is there any textbook, e-book, webpage etc.? As I've written in my notebook entry, I have good passive vocabulary, but the active one (which is used mainly for speaking) is pretty poor...

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No, you don't understand me. There are two types of vocabulary - active and passive ( Words and phrases from the active one come on your mind in milliseconds, so you can fluently use them during speaking. Recalling the words from the passive vocabulary is much slower and therefore it's not suitable for speaking. I've read in english a lot and have seen a plenty of english sitcoms and movies, but this didn't help me to speak a lot.

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    try to read more and more articles ,magzines in english

    To use the new vocabularies which you have learned more often until you write it automatically without thinking.

    I think watch movies is a good way to establish an active vacabulary,and you had better watch some american tv shows,,your cellphone is a good place to touch vocabulary, this is just my ideas.

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