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Where can I find Russian books? Either to read online or to purchase?

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I am looking for stories, novels, poems, children's books, written or translated in Russian. I am especially looking for simple items (such as a child's 'first book'). Thank you.

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    Hi, Erin.

    The most famous russian on-line library:

    The Google Books:


    Look at

  has dual language Russian- English books and book pairs

    are you looking for self-instruction books or actual works in Russian by Russian authors? really a lot of books sorted by authors

    I have some doubts about the next book.. (I think the apostrophe is not too good sign for vowel's accents)
    But.. You can view it yourself.
    Probable it can be usefull for you.

    "Brief Description and Useful Recommendations
    The text is broken up into small excerpts. The adapted excerpt with inserted literal English translation and brief lexical comments comes first. The original text follows untranslated with no prompts..."

    Good luck!

    Russian language poems for children:

    Download your Russian books here (all free), search by author:

    Recommended "Best" Books (author/title list) for Children:

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