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Is it easy to study ukrainian and russian?

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Hmmm.... I'm ukrainian and I know russian and ukrainian!=) I asked this question,because I wanted to know what another people think about my native languages!=)

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Base language: English
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    lushka,i was in ukraine & i think if anyone want to learn russian or ukrainian,they should have a strong will for it cause its not very easy to speak correct in russian as russian people do cause russian letters are very hard & tounge twisting, i know a littile bit but my accent isn't very good ))))

    I Russian and still badly know our language. It very difficult
    I think it depends on the teacher, if you are lucky now to the right. good luck.
    Depends on your native language.

    Not easy. Very illogical languages. Do the end justifies the means?

    I'm russian and know our language well. I'd like to link my destiny to russian philology.
    I think, it's really hard for foreigners to learn russian, because spelling and grammar are difficult, there are many similar variations of words and words' forms... But not very difficult pronunciation and richness are advantages of our language. Really ))
    As for ukrainian language, it's rather like russian one, I know it a little.
    So, if you, Lushka, thirst for learning russian & ukrainian and have a talent for languages, I'd like to wish you good luck on russian:

    Oh, you're from Ukraine! Sorry ))
    Do you know russian?

    As for me ,studying of russian is not hard.Because it is my native language. You need to go to russia to study russian better then without real practice !

    I talk a completely different language, Turkish. And I learnt English and some Spanish. And I must say Russian is harder than these. Pronounciation is hard to make and understand :/ It just means I have to spend more time to learn it.

    It is difficult to study any language without live speaking. Since my childhood I live in Ukraine, but I speak Russian. I know Ukrainian quite well, but I use it in my every day life very seldom... Come to Ukraine, if you want study Ukrainian or Russian! Tomatoes are 0,5 $ per kilo, beer is 0, 6 $ per l, meat is 5$, rent of a flat is 200$ a month. :_))))

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