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Where can I get some short stories in Polish online?

>>>thanks a lot.

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There are so many sentences I can't understand....TAT

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    Here you are. On this site you'll find some stories with images. It's basic. For example link to story of red hat.
    try this one :D
    Here are polish legends ^-^


    as for a begginer in Polish, maybe it would be easier for you to read comics?
    Here you can find some of them online & free to read ->

    you simply chose the title from the left menu, then the link "::Czytaj Komiks - ::", then you scroll down to the bottom and pick the first number.
    To turn it on, you have to click the image in the middle, saying "Kliknij Czytaj Komiks".

    For example, the first number of "1602":

    Reading fairy-tales for kids isn't a bad idea, either :) The vocabulary is quite basic and clear. Please try it as well.

    Also, if you find trouble with some words or phrases - you can always write to me and I will try to translate or explain them to you. I would be very happy to help. :)

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