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keep silent vs. keep silence- Native English, please

What is the difference between KEEP SILENT and KEEP SILENCE?

KEEPING SILENCE means that you make some people or place become quiet

KEEPING SILENT means that you are quiet.

Is it correct?

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    To keep silent is the more common phrase, and means the person doesn't speak, especially if there is some secret involved.

    "He knew who had caused the damage to the car but kept silent."
    "The police asked for more information but he kept silent until his lawyer arrived."

    I only know of "keeping silence" in a religious context. Monks and nuns who live in groups and do not speak "keep silence", they don't interrupt the silence of their living areas. They "preserve" the silence.

    "Keeping silence is important for the nuns so that they can concentrate on their prayers."

    The phrase "keeping silence" is unfamiliar to me. Where did you hear/read it?

    I would interpret it to mean: not talking about something, even when asked about it.

    Your definition of "keeping silent" is correct.

    of course it`s keep silent
    silent is adj
    silence is n
    so try to translate it to your native language and you will find out

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