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How is homosexuality viewed and dealt with in Japan? What is life like for gays and lesbians there?


How is homosexuality viewed and dealt with in Japan? What is life like for gays and lesbians there? Are there Gay communities in the cities, like our Gay Village with nightclubs, café's, shops etc in London and Manchester? Is there a lot of hate crime and discrimination towards Gays?

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    Hi. this is interesting. I'd like to answer your question =)

    There's community of homosexual in Osaka. I like to go there to feel the vibes. It looks like another street with bars and clubs but all those places are for gay people.
    I assume Tokyo has larger communities. but I think it's probably not the one you have in London and Manchesters because it's most likely strict for night scenes.
    I realized people here don't recognize gay people. they have clear signals if they are stand up for them. Meanwhile many guys probably act like gay people when they aren't. but it doesn't mean we have a great amount of inner mind gays. ( but it's another thing if it's everybody has a little bit or more of it inside us)
    There also old stories of gay minds or gay kindish stuff of Japanese in the history are told by westerns. but I think it what happened to other societies, too. (as like maybe a very closed society with all men)

    There's a cafe for lesbians at uptown, too.some goes there with couples, some goes there by themselves. the cafe is very cozy and people spend relaxing time chatting, reading,. I know 2 bisexual women and they're very close to me. As I see them, they aren't hiding their preference but I think it's just a personal thing you won't say to everybody when we don't have a reason to say that.

    It probably looks like a homosexual and its community are taboos or hidden but here in Japan we all try not to bring personal things and hide them to the public. most of the time, most of the people, we don't stand up for our demands or complaints for any other rights.
    I haven't heard any hate crimes. but there would be discriminations or hates. but I think they're usually simple or ignorant hates just because they're straight.

    It's underground, swept under the carpet, widely viewed (like drugs, HIV, etc) as a foreign problem. Many gay men in Japan marry just to conform to society's expectations. Gay bars are rare, although they can be found in certain places (I'm not gay, but I once found myself in an okama/ladyboy bar in Shinjuku). I believe that Japan is a largely homophobic country, although it is probably more open-minded on this issue than some of its near-neighbours (although that might not be saying very much).

    talking about that is really taboo in Japan.
    many Japanese people dont understand about them,
    and gays and lesbians dont claim their human rights so opoenly.

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