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What is the difference between the Russian and Ukrainian language ?

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    These are two different languagies.

    I always compare them as the similarity of Spanish and Portuguese. Both Russian and Ukrainian languages are East Slavic languages.Plus they are both written in the Cyrillic Alphabet.

    I do not personally know the answer to this question. However, I did find this question posted on a different forum. You may want to check it out.


    They are two standardized languages based upon the forms of how what was, a few hundred years ago, a single dialectic continuum was spoken in Kiev (Ukrainian) or Moscow (Russian). One concrete difference of which I know is that the Ukrainian alphabet has the additional letter "I". Ukrainian speakers are more likely to be able to speak Russian than vice versa, but this is probably more likely the result of political reasons than linguistic ones.

    books say Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian began to distinguish from one another a half of a millineum ago

    so they are different languages - though Russian Empire and the SU governments didn't pay much attention to it

    the principle language of these countries was Russian, and technically it has elaborated best of all

    If you speak Russian you'll be understood in many ex USSR countries . If you speak Ukrainian, you'll be understood well in Ukraine only. Russian speaking people will understand the sense but miss some words.

    I'm a Russian learner!there are some different elements.but these differences are little.for example on the ticket of my friends to Kiev was written " пасажирський квиток та багажна квитанцiя". in Russian language is not "i" or word ''та''. and my friend that live in Belarus said that the first time when he was there an old man, instead of '' я говорю'' told him something like ''я ховорю ''! and she didn't understand him! l
    When Russia it was formed as the state in 9 century its capital was Kiev. After dissociation the capital has been transferred in Moskow. Therefore these languages are similar. But time has established also distinctions. And Russian not always will understand Ukrainian as well as Ukrainian not always will understand Russian.
    I apologise for my errors :)

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