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Why do the american people touch their noses when they want to say "yes"?

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    I've never noticed that!

    But to me, if a person touches their nose without meaning to (ie. involuntarily) when speaking, it means they're lying.

    Of course if it's deliberate, like a tap on the side of the nose, it's an old gesture meaning "this is between you and me". Is this what you mean?

    This is because of an idiom in English. When you get something exactly correct, you get it "right on the nose." So when you point to your nose, it means the same thing.
    Perhaps because they are afraid to become their noses such as pinocchio nose.

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I was born and raised in the USA and still live here today and never once have I touched my nose when I meant yes. I am very confused as to where you heard this happened in America.

    I'd go for the Pinnoccio theory ! =p hahaha.... (just kidding, by the way)

    I've never seen that. I'll start looking for it though!

    i'll tell u something
    i live in us and never notes that...but when any body touch his nose when he talks it means he is lying or he is not Confident enough of what he talks about.

    Same here. Born in the U.S. Have lived here all my life.

    I have NO IDEA what you are referring to. Never noticed that before.

    she is making fun )

    I don't know what you're talking about either. I know lots of Americans, I have family in the US, and I used to have an American girlfriend, and I have never noticed this thing you're talking about. Are you sure it really happens?

    I agree with Peachey. For me, if a person touches their nose (or other parts of the face) when they are speaking, it is a good sign that they might be lying.

    this is a good question for the american people

    I've never noticed that! but...who cares?! hahaha =P

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