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Kailan gamit "grabe"?


Eg. "Woooh grabe, brad!" / "Gra-be!"

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Thanks! My translator was translating it as "grave" (serious) but that didn't match with what I was hearing...

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    hi pare'ng Peachey,

    "kailan ginagamit ang (salitang) GRABE?"

    "grabe" is a tagalog adverb used to express excessiveness... an equivalent english term is "too".

    eg. "grabe ang ulan kaninang umaga." - "it was raining too hard this morning."

    as you've noticed, the term "grabe" has always been an expression of every filipino to express amazement (i.e. "wow"), regret (*** deep sigh) and even disbelief.

    A: "pasado ka sa pagsusulit!" (you passed the test!)
    B: "o, talaga?!, GRABE...!!! (Oh, really?!.. wow!!!)

    A: "hindi ka pa makakakuha ng pasaporte." (you're not qualified to acquire a passport yet.)
    B: "grabe naman 'yan... pero nakumpleto ko naman lahat ng requirements, di ba?!" [(***sigh..) but I've just completed all the requirements needed, haven't I?!)

    A: "pare, pumanaw na daw yung kaibigan mo..." [(brother), I've heard that you're friend has passed away.)
    B: "grabe.... kakakausap lang namin nu'ng nakaraang linggo a." (what?.. but we've jus having a conversation last week...).

    there could be a lot more of way in using "grabe", I believe... I'll just allow others to share their ideas.


    hi peach are you trying to ask when to use the word "grabe" it means worse actually.

    his wounds is worse.
    grabe sugat nya.


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