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what do you want to do if you are sad???

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    play basketball or play game or run run away,never return
    打篮球 玩游戏 或者 跑步

    eating sleeping watching funny shows haha

    Listen to music, eat the between-meal snack, pour out to the friend

    i am very sad now but i don't know how to do who can help me ?

    firstly,sob and even cry....

    i think it is a good way to abreact,then you can talk to your very good friends.

    i usually do these things when i am me!! you will feel better


    I would listen to the music and sing along

    are you sad ? ,hahaahaha i cant stop laughing at you,r u going to die 2morrow so that you are sad,

    使劲唱歌呀 哈哈



    i want to cry.

    1. Watching(Listening) the sad movies(songs) and you can cry with the story;
    2. Watching the comedies and you can laugh without thinking.

    keep slient ,walking around , after doing these i feel brand new !

    when i am sad, i like to eat lots, and listen to music and shopping!

    do not cry.that makes no a girl,we can shopping,telephone to friends. you can do some sports and make yourself tired then have a good sleep,when you wake up,everything will be ok,you have already forgot.

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