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What is the difference between:Perhaps, Maybe and Probably ?

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Jocelyn and Richard ............thanks

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    Jocelyn's answer is very good.

    Here's my answer:

    Perhaps means maybe.
    Maybe means perhaps.

    How do you like my answer so far? :)

    Maybe and perhaps are synonyms.

    Both mean that there is a chance (something is possible / could happen / might happen).

    'Probably' means that there is a high or low chance that something will happen or will be true or ... Probabilities can be calculated mathematically.

    For example - What is the probability that A, B or C will happen?
    Probability of A happening = 10% (0.10)
    Probability of B happening = 11% (0.11)
    Probability of C happening = 79% (0.79)
    So we can say that C has the highest probability of happening.

    In English, when we talk about tomorrow's weather we talk about the probability of precipitation (rain or snow) (POP/PoP). It is usually expressed (written or spoken) (expressed means described) in mathematical terms, e.g. There is an X% probability (or chance) that it will rain tomorrow.

    I can't believe it - I actually remembered something from all those math classes I took many years ago :)

    Maybe can be used alone or in the beginning of the sentence. 'Are you gonna visit me tomorrow?' 'Maybe!' .
    And maybe means an uncertain reply, lets say only 50% probability of visiting the person.
    Perhaps and Probably seem like the probability is a little bit more than 50%.
    Am I correct???

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