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what do you think is the most popular language(s) after English

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    It depends where you are. For example English is most popular in Asia and in Europe, but in S.America it isn't.

    On a global scale, after English, I'd say the most important and most widely spoken languages are French, Spanish, German, and then Japanese.

    In Russia - French, German, Spanish. They are all taught in some schools.

    i suppose spanish and cantonese

    Considering just the number of speakers around the world, Chinese would be the most popular!!


    Spanish - German - french


    The language you speak with your lover, or spouse and children, your family, your closest friends. The way you express your thoughts in your own culture; of which language is a part - we all use that language among our own. The way you express extreme emotions in severe situations and solve life's most difficult problems, the idioms that can only mean something to you and nobody else.

    Fun Q!

    In China ,we learn English when we are still young .
    Upstairs has said, few people learn Chinese. That is because the Chinese is the most difficult to learn. If you want to learn Chinese in addition to understanding the meaning of the word, also according to the language environment to select a different tone

    without doubt, chinese and cantonese.:)

    With the exception of USA,Canada and Brasil in the american continent all the countries speak spanish, including Cuba and other islands and Spain.

    of course..arabic..because of the largest amount of people who use arabic as their major only in daily life but also in business field arabic will certainly be considered to be the most important language which has played such an important role around the world..with the rapid development of society..


    1. Mandarin
    2. Spanish
    3. Arabic

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